Motherhood is one of the biggest phases in a woman’s life. It is, without a doubt, very exhausting, but also very rewarding. Between changing diapers, feedings, and happy but sleepless nights, new mothers could always use pampering and special attention.

7 Wonderful Gift Ideas for New Mothers

If you have a friend or a family member who just became a mother, there are a lot of ways to show your support. Here are seven gift ideas to show you care!

1. Parenting books

Being a new mother is tough, especially when you don’t know much about babies. A parenting book and baby magazine are very helpful materials for a new mom. Nothing is more relieving than to read other mothers share the same concerns and experiences. In addition, it also distracts you during those late night feedings. If you can spend for more, why not get her a NOOK tablet? Reading books and magazines require light, while a tablet doesn’t. Tablets are also lightweight and have backlights for reading at night.

7 Wonderful Gift Ideas for New Mothers

Mommy’s Sippy Cup™

2. Mommy’s Sippy Cup™

New moms always seem to use their children’s sippy cups while being busy, on-the-go moms, carting their kid from school functions to soccer practice. Now, with the Mommy’s Sippy Cup™, you will never have to sip on a chewed up sippy cup ever again! The Mommy’s Sippy Cup™ is an adorable wine glass inside a clear plastic, BPA-Free Tumbler, with a white sippy cup top and purple grapes made out of rattles and pacifiers! Get yours Today for only $14.99 and Receive Free Shipping by using the Coupon Code SHIP4FREE.

3. Spa or salon day

New mothers put very little time for themselves. To help them recover from sleepless nights and sore body parts, a day at the spa or salon would be an excellent gift. Once the baby is settled, let dad take care of the little angel and send mom off to some serious relaxation. Pampering them with a massage, a facial, a manicure and pedicure could definitely bring them back to a stronger and refreshed form.

4. Customized mommy-baby accessories

A mother and her child will always have an unbreakable bond. Celebrate motherhood with a special necklace or trinket that the two of them can wear or have. For instance, a mommy-baby bracelet can have small pictures of them side by side. It’s stylish and unique.

5. Digital camera

If she doesn’t have a digital camera yet, now’s the time to get her one. A camera is crucial in documenting the “firsts” of her baby’s life, such as first time to sit, first step, first word, and so on. Digital cameras are better than those that need film because you can choose which photos you want to print and which photos you want to download onto a computer. This is helpful especially if you plan to email pictures to distant relatives or create a canvas photo to immortalize that specific moment.

6. Large fashionable purse

New mothers need to bring diaper bags even for short trips to the store. Give her the gift of flair by getting her a nice large purse instead. She can just throw in a few wipes and diapers–maybe even a bottle! This purse is fashionable, useful and would make her look so much better than lugging the big diaper bag around.

7. Baby accessories

Every new mom would love extra help in purchasing products and accessories for her baby. From baby bottles, dresses, cribs, mittens, to strollers and walkers, there are many baby accessories you can give that are both useful and pretty to look at. If the baby is old enough to handle toys, toys can also be a great gift.

Do you have other gift ideas to make a new mom happier? Let us know!

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