Whether you choose to display it on the walls of your home or plan to put it in an album for your own viewing pleasure, a family portrait is something that you will truly cherish forever. It is important to get your family together on a regular basis to take a photograph that allows you to look back on your lives and the memories that you have made as a family in the future. Families both large and small can have an especially hard time taking the perfect photograph. With children running around, not knowing what to wear or how to pose, you may feel like the chances of getting a great family photo are one in a million. With these five helpful secrets, you can create a stunning family portrait that you will be proud to display in your home.

Five Secrets To A Stunning Family Portrait

Five Secrets To A Stunning Family Portrait

Choose a Fun Photographer

Choosing a photographer is just the first step in capturing the perfect family portrait. Not only will you want to go with someone who offers affordable pricing, but it is just as important to pick a fun photographer that really knows how to work with families and children. It helps tremendously if the photographer knows how to capture each person’s very own personality in the shot. Ask around for recommendations before hiring a photographer to be sure that you are working with someone who knows exactly what you’re looking for.

Apparel and Accessories

Family members don’t all have to be wearing matching clothes to capture a great photo. It’s most important to wear something that you are all comfortable in and that flows nicely with the background setting that you have chosen. For example, a picture in a field would look great when choosing to wear boots, plaid shirts, jeans and skirts. Having everyone where the same shirt can actually ruin the whole picture. If you are unsure what to wear, ask your photographer for suggestions.

The Setting

Say goodbye to those boring posed portraits that are taken in a studio. Instead, opt for a location that you love. Going outdoors is great for a beautiful, natural setting, and also gives you tons of natural lighting to make you look your very best. Choose a location that suits your personalities such as the beach, near a river, on a farm or on city streets.

Have a Good Time

Nothing makes a better photo than truly having a good time while the camera is clicking away. It’s easy to tell when someone is not happy in a photograph. Let your imaginations run wild and don’t over-pose. You never know when you may get that perfect shot. Consider taking a picture of your family while your are walking and laughing together, or interacting with your kids. Letting your family step out of the zone of forced smiles and generic poses will be well worth it.

Canvas Prints

To show off your perfect family portrait, you can create one-of-a-kind Banksy Canvas Prints. These large canvas prints can be hung right on your wall, rather than framing an ordinary print. You can order canvas prints in almost any size to fit your needs. Banksy Art really stands out and makes a statement in your home.

Whether you’re long overdue for a family photo, or you like to have one taken at the same time every year, now is your opportunity to take the best picture possible. Make memories that you can have for a lifetime.

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