Your dimpled darling is growing too fast to comprehend. She is eating more and more, sitting, crawling, and going through clothes almost by the week! Here are a few tips to keep ahead of the growth curve when it comes to your baby.

How to Keep Up with Your Growing Baby

Prepare One Step Ahead

Is baby rocking on hands and knees? Time to get anything left on the floor out of reach of teeny hands. Crawling? It’s time to baby proof anything at standing level. Baby proofing can be a chore, but if you do it in phases, starting at ground level and working up, it can help you keep from being overwhelmed.

Have Wardrobes for the Next Two Sizes

Growth spurts can happen anytime, and don’t always follow the age-level clothing sizes you see on tags. It’s not uncommon to leave for a weekend and come back to find none of the baby’s clothes fit anymore, and even for a baby to have such a big growth spurt that they skip a clothing size completely. To be on the safe side, keep at least 2-3 days’ worth of clothes for the next two sizes up.

Read About Development

Constantly worried about whether your baby is ahead of or behind the curve? Try a few development books or websites and learn about the diversity. There are many websites that can give you a weekly email to let you know what lots of babies are doing at your age, and how to help encourage healthy growth at each stage. Just don’t be concerned if you baby isn’t fitting the pattern perfectly, as each baby is still an individual when it comes to growth stages.


Interacting one-on-one with your baby is great for physical, mental, and emotional growth at each stage. Physically, it’s great exercise. Emotionally, it creates bonding time. Mentally, baby will mimic you and watch you as you speak, sing, and coo to him, and this is how he will learn how to speak for himself.

Dress to Interact

Though work may require a certain set of clothes, if your designer wardrobe is keeping you from snuggling and playing on the ground with your little one, then it’s time to come home and change into something that can take a little bit of spit up. Baby needs you to play with her, not just watch and be afraid to get dirty. If nothing in your wardrobe fits the bill, one great option for casual clothing is Reem Clothing.

Written By Annette Hazard; Guest Blogger for Mom at Last

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