It is one of the most difficult tasks to teach your baby new things. One of the most difficult one of them is using the toilet.

Many mothers are worried how to toilet train their kids, as at this age most babies are not willing to let go of their mommy’s hands.

Every child is different, so it is up to the parent to judge his/her behavior and devise a plan accordingly.  There are some ways to toilet train toddlers, which are listed below:

Give Rewards

The best and most successful way to help a child to do something is offering a reward. This way you can achieve what you want and kids will get what they want. This way you both can be happy. Start off by offering something big to the child so that he/she tries to use the toilet as much as he/she can. Gradually, the baby will become used to using the toilet and eventually you can withdraw your reward system from the toilet to somewhere else.

Set Timings

This is a way which can only be used by a strong parent. If you are not scared of your child crying then you should start forcing your rules on him/her as soon as you can. Try and set timings, such as in the morning when the child wakes up he/she should first go the toilet and get over with it. In the beginning, the child will most probably cry, but you should not give up. You should accompany him/her in the beginning, removing their underwear to get him/her accustomed to the proper way. Do this after lunch and dinner. Giving a helping hand will always be appreciated by the child. Keep on doing this every day until you start noticing your kid getting used to it. Sooner or later, you will see that the child has accepted your way.

Remain Patient

The key to train your child is to remain focused on the task, avoid panic or losing your temper. The child might get more afraid if you are not in command. You should always know what you want from your child and how you are going to get it done. Never give up on your child no matter what. Keep trying different ways and eventually the child will start learning. Don’t panic if your child doesn’t understand; he/she might be a late bloomer which is nothing to worry about.

Provide Comfort

Another good way of teaching your kid to use the toilet is using a potty-chair. A potty-chair is a portable toilet specially made for children. The potty-chair will help the child get used to the toilet seat and the child will slowly and gradually start using the toilet whenever he/she needs to pass out waste. You should provide your child a level of comfort, and an easier and simpler way to make him interested in learning something.

As a father of 2, Mike had to go through toilet training with his kids and has learnt some useful tips. When he is not writting, Mike sells educational toys and baby toys


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