Currently, home-based daycare is catching up to, or even surpassing, state-run, or private preschools in popularity. Many parents are single or dealing with a myriad of obstacles that come with working life and kids. Some mothers have escaped abusive situations and are seeking help from Hartley & Pecora domestic violence lawyers, while still taking care of their kids, other parents have children with special needs and would rather leave their children in small playgroups or with relatives. If you would like to make your home child-friendly, here are a few ways to make a wonderful environment for both learning and playing.

How to Make the Perfect Classroom in Your Home

How to Make the Perfect Classroom in Your Home

Cater to Creativity

Young children love to create, so your daycare should reflect that. In addition to “traditional” playthings such as dolls, trucks, blocks, and Play-Doh, try interactive toys such as those put out by Leap Frog, which will help children build their academic foundations, or the Fisher Price Splaster, which allows children to paint with many different types of brushes and using many different themes. You can also bring in puppets and dress-up clothing to encourage games of pretend.

Sing and Dance

Just because you have a house full of preschoolers doesn’t mean you’re doomed to days of listening to toddler songs. Encourage the kids to get up and twirl to classical music or Kidz Bop, a CD series containing kids’ versions of popular songs. Some children may also like certain Broadway tunes and shows, such as Seussical, or selections from The Sound of Music or Annie. Use music all the time and have kids experiment with making their own music or dance moves.

Color the World

Children respond to color, so make sure your home has plenty of it. Try to make different rooms reflect the activities that you’ll do in them. Any room where you play active games, for example, might be red, orange, or yellow. A napping or quiet play room should probably be decorated in greens and blues. You can also use themes, like sea creatures for your blue room.

Know the Kids

Always make sure your license and other paperwork is current. Talk to parents will before opening your daycare. If your kids will have special needs, get the proper training in dealing with those and know what modifications each child requires. Quiz parents about food allergies, temperaments, and other important factors. If possible, have parents fill out a questionnaire or intake form before their child comes to the daycare.

Starting a daycare takes time, effort, and passion, and shouldn’t be taken lightly. But with tips such as these, you’ll have kids and parents flocking to yours.


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