There is no better way to engage with your little one and foster a lifetime of curiosity than to take a Mommy and Me class. With options ranging from athletic and fitness endeavors to arts and exploration, there are classes available to satisfy any eager little mind and keep Mom (and Dad!) entertained, too!

Mommy and Me Classes

Mommy and Me Classes you Can Take with Your Baby This Summer

Exploration and Learning Play

One of the most common Mommy and Me classes is a play date style meetup in which there are songs, stories, puppets, and free play. Classes such as these often range from an hour to 90 minutes and offer simpler or more complex activities depending on the ages of the children.

Introductory Yoga

If you are interested in getting your little mover into a physical activity, there are numerous options available. Mommy and Me yoga classes are in vogue right now, and a 45 minute class focuses on posture, stretching, baby massage, and an introduction to some of the simpler poses in the practice.

Swimming Basics

Another athletic option that is offered almost anywhere is a Mommy and Me swimming class. Early childhood is the perfect time to get your little one comfortable in the water, and these swimming classes offer a great opportunity to make that happen. Courses for small kids are often broken up into beginners, intermediate, and advanced groups, teaching students to back float, be submersed underwater, control their breathing, roll to their back, and develop the skills needed to swim independently. You can find infant swimming lessons in New York City and any other city. Most require that a parent get into the water with them!

Dance Lessons

Dance can serve as a form of exercise as well as an art form, and Mommy and Me dance classes can expose your little one to this exciting medium. Once your child is around 18 month old, he or she possesses the motor skills to learn basic dance steps, balance, and various forms of movement, generally set to music.

Learning About Music

There are also Mommy and Me music classes in which kids can become familiar with drumming, shaking, dancing, and discovering new and exciting musical instruments. Beginning when babies are only 6 months old, these music classes can teach your little one about the sounds of the world and give them an invaluable appreciation for music.

When children are small, it may seem that there are not many opportunities to teach them new skills outside of the home. This could not be further from the truth! Taking a Mommy and Me class with your child will expand your babies world, mind and skills, all while having quality time with your bundle of joy.


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