As a journalist mom I enjoy interviewing interesting entrepreneurs and companies that are passionate about kids and community. King Arthur Flour is one such company.

Over the past six months I’ve been on an extended interview with King Arthur Flour — our email strings could circumnavigate the earth.

And it’s all because of their amazing Life Skills enrichment program that teaches elementary and middle school kids how to bake.

And you can’t beat the price to schools… FREE!

And yet I never imagined I’d have this much trouble selling something FREE to local schools in my life.

In a nutshell, King Arthur Flour (or KAF) is located in Vermont. They are the oldest most respected flour company (think George Washington) in the U.S. KAF views success as not just making money… but by giving back to community.

One of the many ways they do this is through the Life Skills bread baking program.

“The point of the Life Skills program is for kids to have a fun, real-world application for skills they’re already learning in school — math, science, reading, planning, problem solving, and more. And they get to use their new skill to help people in their community.”

I don’t think I could have kept trying to get the Life Skills program in my community if I didn’t understand the power of kids cooking first hand through cooking with my own four kids and more recently with my daughter, Amelia’s class.

Every month I cart a wagon full of supplies to Amelia’s second grade class to cook with the kids.

Students help me rearrange the desks into cooking stations and help pass out whatever King Arthur Flour recipe we’ll be following that day.

I know I sound like I’m King Arthur Flour crazy… but it’s a part of my belief as a writer mom to support companies that give back to community and kids.

“Who has never cracked an egg before?” I recently asked a group of extremely focused eight-year-olds excited to make homemade Belgium waffles.

In unison, arms shot upwards like Blue Angels. Twenty-plus kids wiggling fingers, zigzagging arms, undulating wet noodles and an over-the-top wind shield wiper wave. All wore the same expression, “Pick me!”

Although it’s not a competition, watching kids work the recipe together is as fun and intense as an episode of Top Chef.

Each group of individuals has a separate process for stirring, adding and navigating through the ingredients: how to take turns, measuring, working together and sharing.

The experience is very rewarding. However, what King Arthur Flour does with Life Skills is so much more.

KAF sends out a baking team to a school. The school hosts an assembly where the baking team teaches the kids the skill of baking bread, then the KAF team sends each and every one of those kids home with a baking kit to make bread….Continue Reading

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