By Staff Writer – Vernon Morning Star
Published: March 04, 2012 1:00 AM

Alba Healing Arts and Rooted Birth celebrate mothers and mothers-to-be with Mama March.

It all goes back 10 years ago to when Dawn Sharman and Emma Wheelhouse met shortly after their babies were born.

“I was a doula and massage therapist and she was becoming a doula and we both had new babies. It turned into a wonderful friendship. We always talked about how we wanted to do more for women having babies,” said Sharman.

Sharman moved for awhile but now she’s back in Vernon with her new business, Alba Healing Arts, which includes yoga, and Wheelhouse is a doula who owns Rooted Birth, which supports pregnant women and new mothers in a variety of ways.

“We decided to go for it,” said Sharman. “A lot happens when you are pregnant and there can be fear of the unknown. With education and support and being with other women, it can change to an experience of joy and confidence. We put together what we can offer and what others in the community can offer. People have a lot of questions, whether it’s their first baby or their fourth.”

They call this time the child-bearing year because it includes the time when a woman who is planning to become pregnant will make lifestyle changes and the time after birth when she is getting used to being a mother.

“Women should have the support and resources they need, and feel honoured during this special time of their lives,” said Sharman.

Events, for women and couples, include Prenatal Yoga Classes, Baby & Me Yoga Classes, Balancing Female Hormones Workshop, Birth with Confidence Childbirth Education Classes, Mama and Babe Clothes Trade, Infant Massage Workshop, and a screening of the film, The Business of Being Born.

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