It’s been a heartbreaking year for the E News host Giuliana and her husband Bill.

Despite a happy marriage, the couple was all but smiles when Giuliana suffered a miscarriage.

The TV personalities, however, maintain a positive outlook, insisting they will stop at nothing to have a child, regardless of how it happens.

“Whether we can have kids or not have kids, I think we’re open to everything,”
And whether we adopt or use a surrogate, or have our own natural child, I think at the end of the day, the most important thing is you have a baby, and it’s a baby you’re going to shower with love.”

Bill, 39, who also says “we have a lot of love to give,” commends his wife for going through a hard process with such strength.

“She was so stoic and brave, and she never complained about any of the shots or anything we had to go through,” Bill says. “This experience has given me a new perspective on my wife.”   You can read the full article in People Daily.


Struggling to Become a Mom — No Comments

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