‘Just a minute before 7 pm Samsara grabbed a mirror from the wall in the hallway and with me squatting on our nest, Dave behind me and Samsara and the midwives in front, we all witnessed the miracle of Pear being born. It was AWESOME. I was so glad for Samsara’s quick thinking as I was able to see Pear’s head then body slip out like a dream. We had him straight on my tummy and he just looked right at me and we fell in love instantly’.

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Charlie has only done two things in her life that she considers truly grown up. The first was to get married and the second was to start a family. It wasn’t long before she realised how little she knew about pregnancy and birth…

Charlie’s diary is an honest and funny account of her pregnancy, recounting tales of a vicious squirrel attack, a burst birth ball and numerous D.I.Y. disasters along the way.

Join Charlie as she prepares herself for the life-changing and magical experience of becoming a mum. Follow her as she travels down the sometimes bumpy road that leads to an amazing place she likes to call ‘Baby Land’.

The True Diary of a Mum-to-be includes:

• A weekly guide to the changes happening in your body and how your baby is developing.

• Tips on diet, exercise and lifestyle.

• Ideas for what to include in your birth plan and how to pack a hospital/birth bag.

What Others Have Said about the True Diary of a Mum-to-Be

‘Entertaining and engaging with great down to earth advice’. Green Baby

‘If you’re looking for a personal, honest, funny, warts-and-all diary of a pregnancy then this book is a must-buy!’ MumsTheWord

‘This fabulous book will be a complete hit with every mum-to-be’. Blooming Marvellous

‘A heart-warming, personable and factual account of what to really expect when you’re expecting – emotionally as well as physically!’ Hamill Baby

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About the Author of True Diary of a Mum-to-Be

I’m a happy go lucky, passionate, loving, loyal and sensitive soul. My most amazing achievements to date have been finding and marrying my soul mate Dave and becoming a mum to my adorable son Cole.

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