Finding out you are pregnant is an exciting time, but planning for your baby to arrive can sometimes be stressful. When planning for your bundle of joy to enter this world, planning the perfect nursery is just the finishing touch. There are a couple must have items that make your baby’s nursery complete.

Baby Time- 6 Must Haves For The Perfect Nursery

Baby Time: 6 Must Haves For The Perfect Nursery

Baby Night Light

To have the perfect nursery, a baby night light is on the top of the must have list. Night lights offer just enough light to make sure you do not stub your toe on your way to your baby’s crib at feeding or changing time during the night. There are many great night lights on the market today that are rechargeable and offer enough light for you to make your way to your little one’s crib yet not so much light to disturb a sleeping baby.

Diaper Caddy and Changing Pad

Every nursery should have a diaper caddy and a changing pad. Investing in expensive diaper caddies and changing pads is not necessary. A diaper caddy can be made out of any type of mobile tote that will keep the diapers and wipes clean and portable. A simple, functional changing pad offers a place to change dirty diapers without the investment of a dresser with a changing top or an actual changing table. Many changing pads offer washable, waterproof covers.

Diaper Pail

Every nursery needs a place to throw dirty diapers. On the market today are amazing odor free diaper pails. Odor free diaper pails offer a place to throw dirty diapers that also fights against the stinky odor. A traditional garbage can is a place to throw diapers out, however, it does not keep the stink down to a minimal.

Baby Wipe Warmer

Baby wipes can be quite cold on a little one’s bottom when they are waking up for a diaper change. Baby wipe warmers can store up to 100 wipes at a time and keep them warm. A baby wipe warmer offers warming from the top of the wipe stack down ensuring the top wipes stay the warmest.

Closet Organizer

Storage space in a nursery never seems to be enough. Whether it is toys, clothes, extra diapers or bath accessories, closet organizers come in handy. The experts from Extra Space Storage suggest investing real time and effort in the closet, by having a place for everything laid out, you will say time in hurried moments later on.

Bottle Warmer

For any nursery to be complete, a bottle warmer is needed. Bottle warmers help moms get rid of the guessing game of what temperature to warm milk to. Bottle warmers also function to heat baby food, or disinfect smaller baby items such as pacifiers.

Planning for a baby’s nursery should be fun. Today’s market offers many different must have items that make life much easier once your bundle of joy arrives. Whether it is a night light, a diaper time item, storage, or a food time item, there are several must have items that every nursery should include.

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