Godparents play a vital part in a child’s life as they act as a loving and caring mentor to a child from the day they are born.

Not only do godparents act as support for the parents, they also provide additional support, guidance and advice to your child as they grow older. However, choosing godparents can be tough as you may have many responsible and close friends to choose from.
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Who do you choose as a godparent?

Not only does your chosen godparent have to be a close friend, they must also claim responsibility of your children if anything was to happen to you causing severe illness or death.
Therefore, the godparent you choose must have a close relationship with you and your child, to ensure that a close relationship can be developed.

What are godparents responsible for?

Godparents are responsible for your overall care if your parents need support or if you need someone to turn to for advice.

When you grow up you may have an issue that you do not want to talk to your mum and dad about, so talking to a godparent may be the next option for you. Talking to someone that you are close to, but not directly living with may help you to resolve your issue, rather than talking to someone you don’t know and can’t trust.

Tips for choosing the right godparent for your child:

Morals and Values

When choosing a godparent, it is important that you make sure that they have similar morals and values to you so that if they ever had to look after your child, they would take care of them in a similar way.

However, if a godparent is a close friend it is highly likely that you will get on well with them, and have similar things in common.


Remember that choosing a godparent is for life, as they will be there to support your child forever. Before deciding on whom to choose you must make sure that they will always support your child despite any changes in circumstances as friendships may change.


Becoming a godparent for the first time is a great honour for many people, but you need to make sure that the novelty of this won’t wear off as the years go by. A godparent must be committed to looking after your child and supporting them through life in any way they can.

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