Transform your next baby shower from monotonous into memorable with these tips that are guaranteed to thrill.

Throwing a Baby Shower 7 Ideas to Make it a Complete Success1. Theme and Scheme

The key to a fantastic baby shower is a memorable theme and color scheme. With these in mind, sit down and brainstorm the details, from invitations and activities to food and favors. Also, don’t be afraid to think beyond the traditional blue and pink color schemes. Using vibrant colors, such as hot pink, red or turquoise are both eye-catching and memorable.

2. Focal Point Cake

With just a little creativity, anyone can be a master cake decorator. Using three plain frosted cakes (small, medium and large) and an inexpensive 3-tiered cake stand, assemble the cake and decorate according to your theme and scheme with silk flowers, ribbons, candy buttons or baby decorations.

3. Beautiful Banners

Creating a banner is the best way to welcome your guests, whether hung over the entrance or above the cake. Use wood or cardboard letters to spell a message and hang with tulle, ribbon and baby shower decorations. This is also another way to tie in your theme and scheme.

4. Unforgettable Charm Bracelet Thank You Gift

Choosing a parting gift for guests is so very important because it is the little piece of the shower they can take with them. Consider a charm bracelet with a single heart charm. For very little money, you can purchase non-tarnishing, silver-plated chain, heart charms and clasps to make a bracelet for each of your guests. They can then add to it over time with their own charms, but in the center, the heart will be a lasting memory of the day.

5. Seating for the Mom-to-Be

Any woman that has had a baby knows just how uncomfortable and ungainly a woman feels just before giving birth. Place a comfortable chair in a centralized location, where she can have easy access to guests and activities. Decorate the chair to mark its status as the seat for the guest of honor. This small gesture will make her both grateful and comfortable.

6. Easy Baby Bottle Centerpieces

Depending on your theme and scheme, choose an artificial flower or crepe paper ball with a stem. Slide the bottle’s screw top onto the stem and place in a clear baby bottle. Pour in glass marbles or candy to hide the stem and then screw on the plastic top. Tie ribbon around the stem to decorate.

MommyJuice-Wine-Loves-Mommy-Sippy-Cup7. Mommy’s Sippy Cup for Your Party Favors

No matter what your theme or scheme, the Mommy’s Sippy Cup ™ is the perfect gift for the Mom-To-Be at the Baby Shower! The grapes are made out of pacifiers and rattles, which goes perfectly with any baby shower theme. You can also give the Mommy’s Sippy Cup ™ as a Party Favor, letting every Mom who attends the baby shower leave with the traveling sippy cup to keep!

Written by Kathrine K; Guest Blogger on Mom at Last

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