After waiting for what seems life forever, your little one is on the way. You’ve bought the carseat and stocked up on diapers; now it’s time to have some fun before your little one’s arrival. Check out these special ways to prepare for your new addition.

preparing for your bundle of joyDecorate the Nursery

From wall accents to crib bedding, nursery decorations can be as simple or as elaborate as you like. Whether you’re aiming for light blues and soft pinks or something a little more modern, choosing a color scheme will let you show off your creative side. Sprucing up the nursery is also a great way to get the father-to-be involved; just hand him a paintbrush and see what he can do!

Attend Childbirth Classes

Expectant moms and dads can find a wealth of information through childbirth classes. If you’re planning on having a natural birth, check out some Lamaze classes. You’ll learn focused breathing, massage techniques, hypnotherapy and other methods for coping with pain. For those with a scheduled C section, childbirth classes can greatly reduce the anxiety centered around their upcoming surgery.

Have a Maternity Photo Shoot

You don’t have to book an expensive photographer to get some gorgeous pregnancy pics. A few simple shots of you and your hubby at home can make for a wonderful maternity album. Take pictures of you and the father-to-be dining at your favorite restaurant or holding hands on the beach. In a few years, your child will love looking through your pregnancy album.

If you are adopting, you can still have fun with making a maternity album. Take photos of you and your companion preparing for the baby. From decorating the room, to shopping, to child proofing, documenting your preparation with help your child see how excited you were to be parents as he or she grows older.

Get a Home Security System

If you do not already have a home security system, having a new baby is the perfect excuse to invest in one. Some well-known companies include ADT, Life Shield Security and Vivint Home Security and Automation. You can easily find a system for you by searching online for a company in your city. In addition, having a security system will sometimes get you a discount on your homeowners insurance!

Make a Date Night

Midnight diaper changes, fussy feeding times, and hectic shopping trips– it’s all part of being a new parent, and babysitters are hard to find. Before your little one makes his or her grand entrance, take the opportunity to have a date night with your companion. Whether that means having a movie night at home or watching the sunset at your favorite park, you’ll both appreciate a special night spent with just the two of you.

Choose Your Baby’s First Outfit

By the time your baby shower is finished, you probably own at least five pairs of tiny booties and enough onesies to fill a bathtub. Though you’ll need lots of practical clothing once your little one arrives, now is the time to pick out a tiny dress or little romper that will make for a precious first outfit for your baby.

Written By: Kandace H.

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