For many people, getting pregnant is a challenge as the effects of age and other factors hinder the conception of new life. Around 85 percent of couples have to wait a year, while others agonize for many more before bearing the apples of their eyes. Fortunately, current medical developments and research make it so that prospective parents don’t necessarily have to wait too long to procreate. You can help yourself get pregnant faster with the following tips:

Get Healthy

Before anything else, consult your doctor to rule out health-related problems as the reason for your difficulty in conceiving. Obesity, for example, can disturb estrogen levels and ovulation. Diabetes and other health problems can also hamper your chances for conception, so get medical advice on how to ease its effects on your health. Daddies-to-be should see doctors to make sure they have healthy sperm.

Make your body primed for pregnancy by eating a balanced diet. A healthy lifestyle also means avoiding harmful substances such as alcohol, drugs, and smoking. Exercise regularly, but limit yourself to moderate exercise as very strenuous workouts can adversely affect ovulation. James Goldfarb MD, director of the infertility service at the Cleveland Clinic, says that too much exercise can shorten the 14-day period after ovulation.

Monitor Your Cycle

Timing sex with the peak of your fertile days greatly increases your chances of getting pregnant. You can chart your menstrual cycle via the traditional calendar method, monitoring your basal body temperature, and watching out for signs of ovulation such as the release of mucus-like discharge from the cervix. Doctors also recommend the use of ovulation prediction kits. These kits monitor surges in luteinizing hormones, which take place 36-48 hours before ovulation. This window allows you to more accurately predict your fertile days.

Have Sex Regularly

Even if you chart your fertile period (ovulation usually occurs within 10 to 14 days after menstruation), there are always chances for inaccuracies. Having sex regularly within the range of your ovulation accommodates these margins of error. If you don’t have the time or energy to try every day, you can schedule things every other day, as sperm can live up to 72 hours after sexual intercourse.

Some experts say that using the missionary position during intercourse and lying in bed for at least 10 to 15 minutes after sex may help, though it doesn’t guarantee conception. Gravity can also affect the movement of sperm; an upright position after sex can limit the chances of the sperm getting to the cervix.

Stop Birth Control Early

Though it’s true that you can try getting pregnant as soon as you stop taking birth control, the treatments can make it more difficult to determine your ovulation period. If you’ve taken birth control pills or injections for some time, you may also need to give your body more time to return to its normal hormonal levels and allow ovulation to occur regularly. Wait out until your first menstruation arrives after you stop birth control if you want your pregnancy attempts to be more effective.

Don’t Fret

Stress interferes in ovulation, and can also cause sexual dysfunction in men. Feeling tense each time you have sex could prolong your waiting, so just relax and enjoy each time you make love. Try adding de-stressing habits before you have sex, like sharing a glass of wine, playing relaxing music, or lighting up some scented candles to set the mood. Sometimes, fatigue and stress at work is the problem. If possible, take some time off from work to calm your nerves and enjoy your intimate time with your spouse.

Consult a Specialist

When all attempts seem to fail and you’ve waited to the point of giving up, consult a fertility expert to find out if other problems are impeding pregnancy. There are many options outside of traditional conception, such as in vitro fertilization, that can help you bring a newborn bundle of joy into the world.

Above all else, the most important thing to have when trying for a baby is persistence; if you want to bring a new life into the world bad enough, there are numerous options just waiting for you to try them out. If one method doesn’t work out as planned, just pick yourself up and try again. With every attempt, your love for your future child can only grow.

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