by: Erica Cowan

Babies are an interesting topic of conversation and folklore. Every generation has its own ideas and beliefs. Most are silly, but fun to read about. Many of these “facts” have been passed along through the generations. If you are looking for a great conversation starter at your baby shower, you can mention some of these beliefs. It is a safe bet that your guests have heard of other ones too. Pass these on to friends to see if they believe them. Do you? You’ll find this author’s comments after each “fact”.
pregnancy myths
1. If a woman dreams about fish, she will become pregnant. (why a fish?)

2. If a woman dreams about fire, she will have a baby. (fire? how is that related to babies?)

3. The woman that has her gift opened seventh at a baby shower will be the next to have a baby. (come on, do you really believe that someone has been to every baby shower in their town and tracked this? Who though this one up?)

4. A poor man will have many children. (why does he have to be poor?)

5. If a married woman is the first to see a newborn baby, she will have the next child (they should give this info to fertility clinics. It would save couples a ton of money!!)

6. Happily married couples have good-looking children. (did I mention that my kids are gorgeous?)

7. A husband and wife that argue often will have unattractive children. (Possibly upsetting the kids will cause turmoil and sleepless nights, making them look miserable maybe??)

8. If the baby’s heartbeat is higher than 140 beats per minute it is a girl. If less than 140 it is a boy. ( I actually believe this one – true for both of my girls)

9. Genius children are born with two cowlicks. (wow – I’ve got three!!)

10. Twins are born every third generation. (I’ve heard that it skips a generation)

11. As soon as outgrown baby clothes are given away, the mother will have another baby. (Even with her tubes tied? Really?)

12. A woman should not hold a newborn baby in her arms or she will become a mother. (Same comment as #5 above)

13. A baby is talking to angels if it smiles while sleeping. (Or has gas)

14. Every time you see a shooting star a baby is born in that direction. (isn’t a baby born somewhere in the world every minute or so? Then, this would belief would be accurate)

15. If a woman lays her hat or coat on a strange bed, she will have a baby. (like the hat or coat have anything to do with conception…)

16. When a child cries at birth he or she is a born leader. (doesn’t every baby cry at birth??)

17. A gold coin placed in the hand of a new baby brings good luck. (Born with some cash – not a bad start)

18. If you blow a dandelion, the number of seeds left will be how many children you will have.

19. The birth of a baby girl proves that the woman is stronger than her husband. When a baby boy is born the man is stronger than his wife. (giving birth is the only proof a woman needs to prove that she is the stronger in both cases, sorry guys!)

These are just a few of the beliefs that have been introduced into folklore. Every day there is more created for everyone to enjoy. From the silly to the sweet to the scary, people will always come up with curious “facts” for pregnancy and babies. Can you think of another one for number 20?


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