God answers so many of my little prayers,
so why not the big ones too?
I just can’t understand it
Why does He do the things he decides to do?
My deepest desire lies unfullfilled
I feel so hopeless inside
I know I should be thankful
and not so full of pride.
I ask God every day
for this or that, you know, little things.
And when He answers so clearly
my heart just really sings.
But in those deep, pondering moments
When I ask for the desire of my heart,
I get no clear answer
and then my tears start,
Oh God, I want a baby
to hold and kiss and love
I know that You alone can give me
that blessing from above.
I keep waiting, waiting, waiting
and my patience grows to despair.
Oh why can’t I have a baby?
For nothing else I truely care.
I know You haven’t forgotten me
for better things to do
because You answer all my little prayers,
I just wish You’d fulfill my big one, too.

By Stephanie Marottek

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