Whether you’re a single man or woman or part of a same sex couple finding an outside body is essential for conceiving children. Co-parenting is the way parents describe themselves looking after a child despite never having been in a sexual relationship.

Finding your Perfect Co-Parenting Match

Who’s your match?

Finding your perfect co-parenting match is a long process because you really have to be sure. You want the person you choose to be as dedicated to your potential child as you are or you might as well opt for anonymous donation sperm. There are many ways of finding a match including co-parenting dating websites, experienced co-parenting matchmakers and also simply asking people you know well. Below we’re looking at the three main places you may find your perfect match.

Friends and Family

Many people start their search for the perfect co-parent with their nearest and dearest. Sometimes a brother or cousin is the perfect choice whilst others find a friend who really wants to be part of their long-term family. It can be difficult with family members and friends because you need to ensure there are legal contracts in place for the protection of the child and the parental rights. This can become an awkward issue with your closest friends and family.

The Unknown

Alternatively you could choose a co-parent who is a complete stranger – finding someone who is as dedicated to having a child of their own but isn’t yet in a relationship or hasn’t found anyone compatible. There are dedicated co-parenting matchmakers, dating websites and classifieds through which you can find a vast array of potential co-parents who could match your criteria exactly.

Something Different

Co-parenting doesn’t have to be conventional. If you’re a single man or woman, perhaps you’ll choose a couple you know well to co-parent with you as you’ve seen them bring up their own children or alternatively bring a third person into your homosexual relationship. There are so many scenarios you can surely find a type of co-parent who suits your ethos and the way you hope to bring up your child.

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Maria Lindenberg works for coparents.com is the mother of two children in co-parenting.

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