Adoption Journey Charm Bracelet

“I didn’t give birth to my boys, but I did give birth to a fantastic life that keeps on giving!”

The Adoption Story Bracelet is a great way to remind you of the Adoption Journey you went through and how you navigated the Adoption Process

Every Adoption Story begins with a thought, a seed planted in your heart to love a child and make them your own.

The long green bead represents the beginning of your story, symbolizing the seedling in your heart.

Moving along the bracelet, the “Adopt Envelope” charm represents picking an agency & doing tons of paperwork.

Your seedling grows. Your heart aches. You hope. You dream.

The blue bead and the “Globe” charm represents the country you have chosen, whether it is across the deep blue sea or under the same blue sky. You heart keeps growing in love as you wait for your Adoption referral.

The series of red beads and the “Heart” charm represent the red-letter day when you receive the referral.

The “Suitcase” charm and series of gold beads signify traveling to meet your child and your first golden days with them.

The bracelet ends with a “House” charm and more green beads that signify bringing your child home and growing together as a family.

Throughout the bracelet you see white beads interspersed with small colored beads. The white beads represent the waiting, while the assortment of small colored beads represents the emotional ups and downs of growing, hoping, loving and waiting.

Celebrate your journey towards becoming a Mom, At Last by Adoption
with this Custom, Hand-Made, Beaded Adoption Story Bracelet with Sterling Silver Charms

(Bracelet is 8″ in length; charms are all Sterling Silver and approximately 3/8″ x 3/8″ each)

Price: $60.00
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