Adoption Kit for Your Adoption Process

TheAdoptionKit is an International and Domestic Adoption Survival Kit to help you get through the long and difficult journey that is the Adoption Process.

Each item in the Adoption Kit will help you get through specific times of your journey and helping you finally come to the end of your journey and becoming a Mom at Last through Adoption.

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“The Mom At Last Adoption kit is absolutely needed for every adoptive mom. It has all the essential needed for the adoption process. The bracelet is a great reminder daily to stop and take a second to think quietly and pray for the adoption process and the many ups and downs that can happen. I love the journal to write my personal thoughts for me to reread later and keep inspirational quotes. But my favorite item from the kit is the bear. How wonderful to be able to sleep with the bear and then send it to your child in a care package to snuggle and start to get to know their forever momma from her scent and to have a transitional object! I love this kit!” ~ Kristie Hoyt Gonzales, An Adoptive Mom

TheAdoptionKit comes with 10 different items, all nestled in a beautiful I Love Adoption Tote, to help you survive your Adoption Journey

* The “I Love Adoption” Bear is a great snuggle buddy while on your Adoption Journey and the Perfect Gift for your little one at the end of your Adoption Journey.

* The Adoption Process can be stressful, but do not let stress get to you by using the “I Love Adoption” Heart Stress Ball. Great for those long trips & multiple meetings

* Show your Adoption Pride! Capture your favorite moment during your Adoption Journey and place it in the “We Love Adoption” Photo Frame.

* Record your Adoption Journey in the “We Love Adoption” Journal. Each journal has a pocket to keep documents or photos and a pen that attaches to each journal.

* Always have Adoption Hope. Keep your place in your Favorite Adoption Book, your Adoption Journal or in the new Mom at Last Memoir with the butterfly Adoption Hope Bookmark.

and Much More!!!

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