By Edi Sowers

This week, two of my friends received their long- awaited phone call telling them they had precious, little daughters waiting for them in China.

These two women, whom I’ve never met in person but who have become friends and prayer partners in a weekly telephone group, are an inspiration to me.

When they started their adoption process, the wait for their referral was to be about 7 to 8 months. That continued to be stretched out longer and longer, until at last – 17 months later, they got the call on Monday, March 5th, 2007.
waiting for time to pass with adoption
They got their call from the adoption agency, and even in the midst of a tornado of emails and phone calls to and from family and friends, they were faithful as always to phone in to our little group that same evening to share in their excitement and to praise God for His work and faithfulness to them.

These incredible women have been amazing examples to me of real, practical patience. They have trusted, day after day after day, in their great big loving God. They haven’t been phony, fake “put on a happy face” patient. They’ve let us see their frustration and their pain, but through their prayers, sharing, and encouraging others – their wondering and doubt always turned into an even more solid trust in God.

When times were the hardest – both of them, in their own unique way would turn their attention to others! I can recall many nights on our weekly phone call when they’d be asking about me and my daughter, praying for our needs. They faithfully encouraged several of us from the group over a year ago when we were preparing for our travel to China – and since our return, they have been solid rocks of support as we new moms began to navigate our way through first- time motherhood.

I thought my 8 months of waiting was an eternity. People would tell me how patient and relaxed I was! What would I have become if that 8 months had been more than doubled? I tell you – their wait has been the equivalent of 3 back-to-back biological pregnancies!! These women, and many of you out there still waiting, deserve some kind of reward!

Well, in just about 7 weeks, my two friends will get their reward when their gorgeous little children are placed in their arms for the first time. In that swirl of emotion, thankfulness to God, and overwhelming delight – that 17 months of waiting will all become a blur. They have allowed God to forge in them a faith that will be a lifelong example to their children.

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When Waiting Becomes a Distant Memory — 4 Comments

  1. It’s funny how everyone’s perspective is different. The idea of having a baby in 7 mos is a miracle to me. 17 months is amazing. I’ve been waiting 3 years and 9 mos for a little girl via domestic adoption. Being single and with international adoptions decreasing, more couples are adopting domestically, which makes it harder for singles. I have other single mom friends who have adopted and the shortest one I know is 15 mos – others were 2 years, 2.5 years, 3 years. But mine has been the longest. After 2.5 years of infertility treatments it’s now been a more than 6 year journey to motherhood. I had no idea when I moved to adoption it would take so long – I was originally told to expect to wait 2-3 years since I’m single and being gender specific. I am now heading to four years.

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