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There are many Missouri children for adoption that are waiting for the chance to start their lives with great, loving parents. There are some couples may face a crossroad in their life that leaves doubt within the mind of ever being able to have children of their own. If that is case, then adoption may be the next step within their lives to turn a dream into a reality. Within the Missouri adoption process, it is important to put together an adoption portfolio. Taking the time to do this with great thought and heart shows the birth mother just how important adopting and finally starting a family means to the couple.
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Starting with the profile picture, couples need to convey just how sincere their intentions are. Dressing nice and wearing a warm, heartfelt smile can speak a thousand words. It is not necessary to place pictures of formals and party attire. Wear something nice and let your feelings show to the birth mother that you can afford to take care of the child by emotional means and monetary means. Dressing in a sloppy manner could create a hint of doubt within the birth mother’s mind and this needs to be avoided.

Next on the list of putting the portfolio together is writing a letter to the birth mother. This is the time for couples to really go in depth on how they met, what their dreams are and how adoptions makes their dreams come true. Mention the family and extended family. Most birth mothers would like to know if the child is going to have grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. Include pictures of each one mentioned and label it so that a name can go with a face. Show pictures of the home so the birth mother can see exactly where the baby will be growing up. Discuss goals and dreams the couple has envisioned for the new addition. Talk about what both prospective adoptive parents do for a living and what religion is practiced.

It is always best to go in greater detail instead of lacking. Painting the life of the child for the birth mother can only intrigue her towards the portfolio. Show the birth mother what the child is receiving so that her mind will be put at ease and ensure her that the choice she made was the right one. Missouri adoptions can be one of the many milestones within both the birth mothers life, the adoptive couple, and the child’s life. Putting the extra effort in displaying the life of the couple as it is now and how it will be for the child is essential in the adoption process.

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