Some women spend almost their entire income in procuring clothes, shoes and bags.

Others buy beauty out of jars and jabs that promise to restore their flagging morale and yet others simply give up and become rotund when they get to be middle-aged.

Not this spunky lady though. Londoner El James, a mother to two teenage sons decided to beat those middle-aged blues by writing a steamy story of obsessive love, that has so caught the imagination of other middle-aged women across the world that she is now a millionaire author who is being courted by every which publisher in the business. Which self-respecting publisher can possibly benefit from ignoring an author whose work has been #1 on the New York Times best seller list?

James herself went on record saying that the book about the sadomasochistic relationship between billionaire Christian Grey and a student, Anastasia Steele, was written when she was going through a midlife crisis. “I didn’t buy a sports car or run off and have an affair to grab on to the last vestige of my youth. I wrote instead. I wrote it while working. I wrote in the evenings, on weekends. It took 18 months to write the whole trilogy”.

It has been well worth the effort for the lady who is now an iconic figure in the writing world, met with applause and screaming fans, at public events. Her book is a huge e-sales favorite, with most of the buyers being women of the ages of 28 or more, possibly looking at more out of their relationships than cooking dinner and paying the bills. “If you have been married for 40 years, as I have, it’s nice to experience first love again and you can, vicariously, through a book. And it is such a fantasy. It takes you away from doing the dishes and laundry,” she said recently.

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