By Deborah S Santora

In the book of Exodus in the Bible, an amazing adoption story unfolds. A new King in Egypt saw that the Israelites were very large in number and growing larger everyday. He was afraid that the male children would grow up and then he would be overtaken by them. So he made a law that every baby boy should be killed.

Exodus Adoption Story

Among the people of Israel, there was a woman who gave birth to a baby boy. She was now faced with a very difficult decision. She loved her baby and knew that he could be someone great. This was not an unplanned pregnancy; nevertheless, she knew that she could not parent this child.

She did not know the word “Adoption” but the concept would play out in her life. She made a basket, strong and waterproof, yet breathable for her wee baby boy. She lovingly placed him in the basket and set him in the grasses at the bank of the Nile River. The mother had her daughter, Miriam, sit nearby and watch over him.

He was very quiet when he was very little, because babies mostly eat and sleep! But as he got a little bigger he began to be more restless and needed more care.

One day, the King’s daughter was in the Nile River bathing and heard a noise…a baby crying. She had her servants follow the sound and found the baby in the basket. She was immediately stricken with his round, sweet face and took him back to her home to raise him as her own. That baby’s name was Moses. He would grow up to be the One who God used to deliver the people of Israel out of bondage in Egypt to the Promised Land.

So you see, Adoption can be a great choice for everyone. The mother, although unable to parent, was able to see her son grow up and become a very special man. The King’s daughter had a son to love and raise, and Moses had a very important job ahead of him in the world. If his mother had not had the brave heart that she did, who knows what would have happened?

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