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Hello Friends,

This will be one of the most emotional articles that I will ever write. A little background into why I say this is I am now 46 years old. I married my wonderful wife Michelle when I was 23 and she was 18. We started our life together wanting to have a family and be like all the other friends and family members we had. Well, God had other ideas about what would be good for us! After about 5 years and no success we started going to doctors to have all the tests run that can be run.
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All the results came back the same, no problems with either one of us! What was going on? Finally after 6 years of marriage my wife became pregnant! OH BOY! We were so excited! The family was thrilled. Everything was finally going our way and we were expecting! Everything was going great for the first couple of months. At the start of the 4th month we went in to the doctors office so excited to see the development of our child!

I was watching the screen and when I looked at the doctors face I knew something was wrong. He tried to be gentle but I still tear up when I remember his words. We have lost the baby! He was very supportive because he says this is a common thing and this means my wife can get pregnant. It was a hard time but we was still positive we could have a baby. Well, we did get pregnant again in about another year and we were so excited again. Surely this time it would go fine.

It was not to be. We only went about 3 months again this time. It does not get easier each time either. I tried not to let Michelle see how devastated I was just to keep her from breaking down. I had a lot of crying by myself and praying for this to work out. Little did I know that God was answering my prayers but not the way I was looking for them to be answered. After the second miscarriage we could not get pregnant again. After another couple of years we went to a fertility clinic to get back on track. It worked again and then the same thing 2 more times. We just could not get past the 3 month period!

By this time we had kind of settled down and realized we probably would not become parents on our own. I figured we would just have to spoil our nieces and nephews like they were our own children. It was a few years later as I was reaching my upper 30s that my wife started talking about adoption.

I told her that I would be open to the idea but that I did not want to have a child after I reach the age of 40. I am so glad that she does not listen to me! This drug on for a few years then in 2005 I sold a spec house and made a good profit on it. She asked what I was going to do with it and I told her it was ours and what did she want to do with it. She said we could now afford to look at adoption because the cost are around $30,000. I told her to go for it and she looked at different places to adopt.

We ruled out a local adoption fairly soon as we personally felt that there was to many lawsuits involving parents wanting their children back or family members going after custody. We decided to go with an international adoption. We looked at China but mostly what they had were girls and we was leaning toward a boy. One day my wife was looking online and saw a Christian adoption agency within 2 hours of our home. On the site she looked at some kids from Guatemala and we decided we wanted some more information.

We went down and started all the paperwork which took like 18 months total! Thank God she is persistent! We got approved toward the end of 2006 and now we just had to find our son. It was on December 21, 2006 that we saw pictures of our son for the first time! When we saw his picture we had to call right then to make sure we were the ones to get him. We know when we saw him that this is what God had waiting for us.

It still took many months to get all the paperwork done but we succeeded. Since Johnathan was just a few days old he stayed with foster parents paid by the agency. You could tell by the pictures they were sending that he was well taken care of.

We finally got the call on October 15, 2007 that we were approved to go get him. I will never forget what I was doing when I got the call. Within 1 hour Michelle had the plane reservations and the room booked! We were as excited and nervous as we have ever been. I was always looking forward to this day but now wonder if he will like us? Thank God that was no problem.

The day we arrived in Guatemala City they brought Johnathan to us within 3 hours. I knew it was him when they were coming through the parking lot! It was like he was waiting on us to come get him! We went up to the room and met with the facilitator and the foster mother for about an hour. During this time I was in the floor playing with Johnathan and he took right up with us. What is unbelievable to this day to me is that when the foster mother left he never cried or fussed at all! It was like he was just waiting for us to come get him.

We brought him home a week before his first birthday. When my parents met us at the airport he know he was with people who loved him. Quite a bit of my family came out that night after 11 pm just to see him for a few minutes and he laughed and entertained them like he knew right then he was in the family!

The last 2 years of my life could not have been any better. He is that greatest son that I could have ever wished for. He is all boy and is rough and tumble but has a heart of gold. Gives the best kisses and hugs.

In conclusion, If you are considering adoption I say YES! It is worth anything it takes to get you a son or daughter who you can love for the rest of your life! If we had adopted sooner in life I probably would have adopted more but this was Gods plan and I love it!

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