I got married 14 year ago. About a year after we got married, we decided to start trying to have a baby. We started trying normally at first, and about after a year, we weren’t having any luck so we to see a doctor. They started us off on some hormone treatment, and that didn’t get us anywhere. So, we started insemination. We did insemination about 15 times along the way. No success. Nothing. We had nothing. Then we started to go with IVF. We did the first IVF treatment here in the US. It was a long process. It was lot shots and a lot of misery. And still no success, and so, we did IVF again in the US and failed again. So, then we tried to go overseas. We heard about a good doctor in Egypt, and we though this is going to do it. We went to Egypt and did it there and again no success. So, we tried all together I would say 7 times. It wasn’t a pregnancy at all. It wasn’t like we would get pregnant and lose it. It was just zero.

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