Premier IVF™, a network of world-class fertility clinics with some of the highest success rates in the nation, today announced the delivery of the first babies conceived through its IVF Refund Program
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Louisville, Colorado (PRWEB) August 06, 2012
Premier IVF™, a network of world-class fertility clinics with some of the highest success rates in the nation, today announced the delivery of the first babies conceived through its IVF Refund Program. The healthy babies were conceived at Reproductive Medicine Associates of Michigan (RMA of Michigan), a Premier IVF Network Practice. The Premier IVF 100% Refund Program provides couples with a 100% refund of Program fees if they are not successful with their IVF treatment.
RMA of Michigan is one of three Premier IVF Network Practices that offer the Premier IVF 100% Refund Program, allowing IVF patients up to age 39 who meet the Program criteria to pay a fixed, discounted fee for up to three fresh cycles and three frozen cycles.

“What we liked about the program was that it was a one-time cost with six chances available,” said Jennifer and Chad U., RMA of Michigan patients and parents of twins. “With six chances, we felt that our stress and the pressure about conceiving would be less. We also really liked the 100 percent money back guarantee because heaven forbid we could not get pregnant, we could use that money for adoption.”

Premier IVF is also the only national company to offer a 100% Refund Program for patients using their own eggs up to age 41 with Comprehensive Chromosomal Screening (CCS). Premier IVF offers a 100% Refund Program for donor patients, as well.

“Since many of our patients pay for IVF treatment out-of-pocket, we wanted to offer them a unique financial option – up to six cycles for one discounted fee – which increases their opportunity for a live birth,” said Brad Miller, M.D., Founding Partner and Medical Director of RMA of Michigan. “Offering a 100% refund program gives our patients a very unique financial alternative to help maximize their fertility dollar. If our patients do not have a live birth, with the guarantee of the Premier IVF Refund Program, they will not have depleted their financial resources and they will have funds available for other family building opportunities.”

“We would surely recommend Premier IVF to couples who have been unsuccessful in their attempt to have a child,” said Premier IVF patients, Ken and Kristen B. “We left another local infertility clinic after four years filled with heartache, and sought out Dr. Miller as our last hope. With our renewed hope and Dr. Miller’s insight into my medical needs, we were thrilled to learn that our first IVF attempt at RMA of Michigan was successful. Five weeks ago, I gave birth to a healthy 9 lb. baby boy. Words cannot express our gratitude to Dr. Miller and Premier IVF for giving us hope and more importantly, for giving us our beautiful son.”
Lindsay and Phil R. from Michigan also commented that “Thanks to Premier IVF, we now have our beautiful baby boy, Benjamin! We are eternally grateful!”

About Premier IVF

Premier IVF is a network of prominent fertility clinics and world-renowned leaders in the industry. Premier IVF is engaged in relentlessly increasing outcomes for fertility patients by utilizing state-of-the-art laboratories and testing procedures. Premier IVF Network Practices also offer unique, cost-effective IVF Refund Programs. Patients from around the globe can have a high degree of confidence in their fertility treatment options knowing that Premier IVF Network Practices all have consistent and best-in-class laboratory oversight. Premier IVF has several locations in the United States. For more information, please visit
Reproductive Medicine Associates (RMA) of Michigan

RMA of Michigan is a fertility center that provides reproductive endocrinology and infertility services to couples unable to conceive. Since November 2006, RMA of Michigan has over 1,000 babies born as a result of the most advanced technologies, clinical expertise and compassionate staff.

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