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How to Get Pregnant – My Infertility Story (With 2 Happy Endings)

I had such a hard time getting pregnant and that really, really hurt. Now I have two adorable, happy babies and, as a special bonus for working so hard at getting pregnant, I also know every ‘how to get pregnant fast’ method in the universe! I don’t want any couple desperate to achieve their miracle pregnancy to have to wait as long as I did so I am going to share my pregnancy success method!
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If you are caught up in the how to get pregnant cycle, I absolutely know how you feel. Having a baby is something we take for granted. When conception didn’t happen as fast as my husband and I thought it should, we got concerned, and eventually, very worried. How to get pregnant started to dominate every facet of our lives. Every time I left home, my antennae were on the alert for moms-to-be and I saw blissful, pregnant women everywhere. I tried to remain positive and hopeful, but labels like ‘infertile’, ‘sterile’, and ‘barren’ ricocheted through my head. If other people can do it, why couldn’t I?

I wanted things to be different. I wanted to have a baby. I wanted to know how to get pregnant – by whatever means. I tried everything. I visited fertility clinics, tried yoga, positive thinking, you name it and I did it. I tried solutions to my fertility problem that simply didn’t work.

Eventually we had two perfect babies perfectly naturally, just by working on getting all the fertility factors to work in our favour. This is what worked for us:

1) Pregnancy Know-how.

Get information from someone who knows how to get pregnant. There are plenty of how to get pregnant guides out there. Get one and use it. We followed Lisa Olsen’s ‘Miracle Pregnancy’ e-book on how to get pregnant to the letter. For years Ms Olsen struggled to get pregnant and eventually found solutions that worked. I found it really helpful to take advice from someone who really understood my situation.

2) Egg meets Sperm.

For about 20% of couples getting pregnant is not fast. You need to optimise your chances by understanding the fertility rules. There are ovulation predictor kits which you can use comfortably and privately so you get your husband’s sperm where it needs to be at the perfect time for fertilisation: in the fallopian tubes one day prior to ovulation and throughout ovulation. This one action will enhance your chances at pregnancy hugely.

2) Eat for Fertility.

Fertility rates are dropping. Research is unable to pinpoint why exactly. Obvious causes for lower fertility in both men and women lie in nutritional weak-spots. My husband and I were prepared to do what it took to create our own baby. We really optimised our nutrition. We eliminated fast food and any junk we could. I prepared wholesome, clean, fresh, healthy meals and we ate healthily all the time. Out with additives and preservatives. We washed all the fresh fruit and vegetables very well – fungicides and pesticides are known to decrease fertility in both males and females. We took the best quality multivitamin with minerals and provitamins we could find. This one-a-day tablet covered all the nutritional bases. Remember that cigarettes, alcohol and street drugs are definitely linked to infertility.

4) Clean Up Your Environment.

Over the past 50 years our exposure to chemicals has grown startlingly. Simultaneously infertility has increased. Perhaps some of us are more sensitive to noxious chemicals than others? My husband and I really wanted our own baby so we made our environment as chemical-free as possible. We systematically removed chemicals from our home and work environment. Check out attics, garages, sheds and cupboards. Believe me, chemicals lurk in all these spaces.

5) Have a Three Month Plan.

It takes three months for sperm and eggs to mature. Your efforts at eliminating chemicals and increasing fertility through optimal nutrition will take at least 70 days to be fully effective.

My husband and I made these changes. We improved our environment making it as wholesome and chemical-free as possible. We ate fresh, clean, wholesome food. We focused on producing fertile eggs and potent, virile sperm and bringing them together at ovulation (monitored by an ovulation kit). You see, my infertility nightmare had two happy endings, first a daughter and 17 months later a baby boy. And you know what? If we can overcome infertility, I believe you can too!

Now you know how to get pregnant the natural way, start by stacking the fertility odds in your favour. I wish you both a speedy conception by natural means!

Sarah Shepard is a health advocate specializing in women’s health issues. I was 42 and desperately trying to get pregnant. Conventional fertility treatments weren’t helping so I decided to educate myself on these issues and discovered a natural, holistic approach that led to my conceiving a beautiful baby girl in just four months.

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