Miss England 2012, aka Charlotte Holmes, has said she hopes to make history by becoming the first Miss World to be conceived by IVF.
The 23-year-old, who is currently in Mongolia battling it out for the coveted Miss World crown, recently revealed that she was one of the first children to be conceived by the procedure with the help of Professor Robert Winston.
IVF Miss World
Plymouth-born Miss Holmes was the product of a trial test-tube baby programme that her parents opted to undergo after trying to conceive a baby naturally for eight years with no success.

Her mother, Vonnie Holmes, said she was 35 by the time she and Miss Holmes’ father decided to opt for help.

“So when the opportunity came up to trial a new drug for IVF treatment, I jumped at the chance and was extremely lucky that the egg implanted first time, resulting in Charlotte,” she said.

She went on: “We have pictures of when Charlotte was just five cells old and we felt so blessed. I wanted to wrap myself up in cotton wool throughout the pregnancy so that I didn’t miscarry.

“When Charlotte was eventually born she was just 5lb 5oz but she was perfect. Just 18 months later we repeated the process to have our second daughter, Lucy.”

Miss Holmes added: “It is amazing to think that without the help of someone like Professor Winston neither me or my sister would be here today. I essentially owe him my life and would love to make history by becoming the first Miss World conceived by IVF.”

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