Undertaking the task of having a baby when you’re over the age of forty can be tough. Lots of people will tell you that it just can’t be done and that you should go ahead and adopt. If you really want a baby of your own, though, you should know that it’s definitely possible. In fact, many couples over the age of forty have babies through IVF each and every year. The trick is to find the right clinic and to simply hang in there. These IVF success stories about other couples in your situation could really help you stay positive and focus on that ultimate goal of having your own baby.
IVF Success story
Just Keep Going

One of the things that Kathy expected in life was a husband and a houseful of kids. Unfortunately, she didn’t meet the husband requirement until she was thirty-eight. When she did marry, it turned out wonderfully, but she and her husband decided to wait one year before trying to get pregnant. After all, they thought that many couples who are nearly forty get pregnant every day. It wasn’t until they had tried for a year to get pregnant after their first year of marriage that Kathy and her husband discovered it’s actually not so easy for a forty-year-old woman to conceive.

Instead of working through all their treatment options, Kathy and her husband jumped straight to IVF with some pretty heavy hormone treatments. Luckily the only problem was related to Kathy’s age and not to any other possible issues. The first two rounds of IVF resulted in miscarriages. They kept trying IVF cycles month after month, knowing that giving themselves a break would just mean watching time ticking away. On the fifth cycle, which was a frozen embryo transfer, Kathy became pregnant with twins. Luckily the pregnancy was successful.

Kathy and her husband are grateful that they were able to become pregnant through IVF, but Kathy does regret that she wasn’t able to have more than two children. Since she has two beautiful boys, though, it’s hard to dwell on that for long!

Complementary Therapies

Knowing that her odds of getting pregnant were dropping with every month past her fortieth birthday, Becca, a 43-year-old teacher, decided to hit her IVF rounds from every possible angle. She took all the supplements, and she ate all the right foods. She also did physical therapy to release the adhesions in her pelvic area. Even though the first two rounds of IVF didn’t work, she didn’t give up.

On the third round of IVF, she became pregnant with a viable pregnancy, and the doctors were amazed at how young she looked. Some even commented on the fact that her uterus was in such excellent shape, even though she was well over thirty-five. The pregnancy was great, so Becca decided to try one more time.

Having had success with the massage therapy the first time around, she decided to undergo another twenty hours of therapy before her fourth round of IVF, which was going to be the last one she’d try because her financial resources were running out. After the therapy, Becca still felt pretty fantastic, so she did her last round of IVF. The doctor used two frozen embryos left over from the first round, and to her surprise, both of them turned into pregnancies. Becca is now a happy mom of three, thanks to IVF and massage therapy.

Diana Farrell is the author of the trademarked Full Embrace series of books on overcoming infertility. She holds a Masters Degree in Psychology through the University of San Francisco, as well as advanced training in a number of alternative therapies. Through her own journey overcoming infertility she uncovered a wealth of valuable information that can significantly increase a couple’s chances of pregnancy through IVF. She now enjoys sharing that information with others to help them fufill their dream of parenthood. If you would like to read additional inspiring IVF success stories visit http://www.IVFSuccessProgram.com for more, as well as lots of tips to help you have a successful IVF.

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