As I rushed to an after school meeting, I noticed an email from our caseworker had popped up on my computer screen. I nonchalantly opened it thinking it was general announcements or upcoming adoption trainings. Two words instantly set my heart afire. “Call me.” She had typed two simple words that changed my life forever.

The Adoption Call

I could hardly contain myself as I walked to my previously scheduled meeting. A huge smile crossed my face as I leaned my head in the door and said, “I’ll be a few minutes late. I have a call I need to return.” My supervisor instantly knew. I had gotten THE call.

My fingers fumbled as I dialed our caseworker back and I listened intently as the details unfolded…loved your profile…baby’s due in 2 weeks….meet for dinner this week…healthy boy… My mind and heart were racing. I could hardly contain my thoughts as I made arrangements to meet our birthmother and caseworkers for dinner later in the week.

My next act was to call and tell my husband. We had arranged with the agency for me to receive THE call. I felt it would be just like me telling him I was pregnant; Which I never had the opportunity to do. Until now.

I dialed him twice with no answer. Come on honey. I knew where he was. He was driving a bus load of high school football players to their game in a neighboring town. I dialed again and this time I left a voicemail. Hey, I know you’re driving a bus, but I need you to call me.

So I waited.

Within a few minutes he returned my call and I could feel his anxiousness before he even spoke. He knew I would never interrupt during football unless I absolutely needed to. Strangely the bus was silent as I told him about my conversation with the caseworker. I gave him the details…dinner Thursday…baby boy…two weeks. When I stopped, he immediately shouted, “It’s a boy!” The entire bus erupted with shrieks of joy and happiness. My husband’s football team was the first to hear the good news and what good news it was.

About the Author

The Home Teams Adoption BlogKim Barker is currently the wife of Texas football coach, Rob, and mother to one adopted son, Ty. Rob and Kim are currently waiting for their second child through the blessing of adoption. She is a high school administrator and loves to make an impact in the lives of those around her. Kim currently writes a family encouragement blog titled The Home Team. She can be found at and on Twitter @kimbarker25. Her posts have been featured on Julie Gumm’s blog as well as a source of inspiration for coach’s wives around the state.

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