“I’ve got to show you something, I couldn’t resist getting it,” proud new dad Roger Kuchel, 58, says as he runs out the door.

Moments later he is back holding a tiny frill-covered dress and a polka-dot T-shirt, bought with love for his new-born daughter, Georgia Amelia Rose.
Success story on IVF
Mum Kathy, still recovering from her C-section, cries as she remembers seeing Georgia for the first time, her tiny hand reaching out to touch mum, a moment she thought would never come. She turned 54 while carrying Georgia, her first child and miracle baby.

Born on July 30 at Ashford Hospital, Georgia is the result of 16 IVF attempts, countless doctors’ appointments, more than 700 injections, acupuncture, miscarriage, heartbreak, an outlay of more than $100,000 and after almost 20 years of trying to have a baby.

Today is Roger’s first Father’s Day.
“When I held her for the first time my heart was pounding and I couldn’t believe, after 58 years, that this moment had finally arrived,” he said.

“I’ve always been jealous of that father-daughter relationship, now it’s finally my chance.

“When I look into her eyes, I still can’t believe it. She’ll keep us young.”

The Glenelg South couple started trying to have a child in their mid-30s before heading to Repromed for IVF treatment when Kathy was 39.

On her third IVF treatment in May 2000, she fell pregnant but lost the baby at 12 weeks.

Eight cycles were attempted with Kathy’s eggs, before the couple tried with eggs donated firstly by a family member and later a work colleague.

None of them worked.

In 2003, Kathy and Roger decided to have a break.

“We were exhausted physically, emotionally and financially in every way,” Kathy said.

While the couple went on with their lives, every year a bill arrived reminding them they had two frozen embryos left in storage. Last year they decided to talk with their doctor about what could be done with them, hoping to donate them.

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