A 12 Part Adoption Success Story

Part 3: Oh, Adoption…

We have now been en-route towards adopting a child for longer than several friends who became pregnant during that time, and have now had those children. By the time children arrive in our family, we will have been dragged down by the social services for perhaps three times the amount of time it takes a “normal” family to go from conceiving to “having” children.

Adoption Story that is successful

Yes, I am annoyed. It’s not a reflection on the people we know who now have children – we think they world of all of them – we’re just annoyed that the “powers that be” seem to be sat on their collective asses, and have been for months.

If they read this, I’d love to know what they do all day. How long does it take to send us a report to fill out? How many weeks to put something in an envelope?

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Jonathan Adoption Blogger PhotoJonathan lives in leafy Buckinghamshire, England with his infinitely better half, children, cats and chickens in a big old house that they fight with continually. They lurch from day to day in a state closely resembling total chaos, but somehow live to tell the tale. After several years trying unsuccessfully to start a family – pouring substantial quantities of money into an IVF hole in the ground en route – they started out down the road to adopting children, and have never regretted it for a second.

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