Our family has been truly blessed. And because of our blessings, we want to bless others. Our desire to give, love, and live a life of compassion has allowed us to embrace an adventure that is all God!

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In 2011 we started the process of international adoption. It had been on our hearts long before that, though. In 2009, through an incredible book called “Crazy Love” by Francis Chan, we were challenged, convicted, humbled, and empowered to make a greater difference for Christ than ever before. Let’s just say, God pretty much rocked our world.

Through the process of God opening our eyes to the need in the world around us, He began dealing with our hearts about adoption. We had talked about adoption being a possibility for our distant future, but never imagined it would be something we would embark on with two small children already in our home. I could feel the Lord tugging on my heart, calling me to this very scary thing called “international adoption.” I prayed and asked the Lord to give Derick and I His clear direction. I decided not to say anything to Derick just yet.

One day, Derick walked through the door after a day at the office and, out of the blue, said, “I think we need to adopt.” I was surprised, but not really, because I knew that God was orchestrating this behind the scenes the whole time.

Adoptionistas Blog ButtonMany people have asked why we chose international adoption, and more specifically, South Korea. Why we chose to adopt internationally really has much more to do with God and less to do with us. It is simply what He put in our hearts to do. We are just being obedient to His leading. As for why South Korea, over 35 years ago, my grandparents also had a burden for the people of South Korea. They chose to leave their home in Oklahoma for several years and serve as missionaries there. My mother lived there during her junior and part of her senior year in high school. Growing up, it just felt like the culture and language of South Korea was a part of my family. So when it came time to choose a country to adopt from, we felt that it would be such an incredible blessing to continue the heritage of love for the people of South Korea that was birthed in my grandparents by adopting a child from there.

We began the adoption process in January of 2010, but due to a move out of state and a grueling 10 months of trying to sell our house, we had to put it all on hold. At this point, all our savings had been drained in order to get our house sold and our dreams of adoption seemed to be lost. But when all seems impossible for us, that’s exactly when God asks us to step out in faith and give Him the glory. So that’s what we did.

We started again in June of 2011 with about $3000. Now, 17 months and $30,000 later, God has miraculously done what was impossible for us to do alone and we have graduated from a family of four to a family of five! We first saw our son’s picture in January of 2012 and we were determined to get this precious boy home no matter what the cost. We were so in love!

We traveled to bring him home in November of 2012 and he has seamlessly transitioned into our family and our hearts. We give God all the glory!

About the Author

TheAdoptionApp Adoption Process Mobile AppFirst and foremost, I am a follower of Christ. I am, because He is. I also happen to be the wife of an amazing youth pastor and a mommy to the three greatest kids ever! I am the director of a private Christian preschool and I love working with young people. I’m a writer/singer/songwriter/guitarist/pianist and I love all things artsy and creative. I also love coffee, good books, and deep conversations with good friends. Going through the adoption process has taught me more about life, faith, love and my amazing Heavenly Father than I could have ever dreamed.

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