With two grown children, the local couple you’re about to meet could have been enjoying a quiet house right now, but instead they’re taking delight in the giggles of their two young girls. Here is the Adopt 8 Success Story of Amber and Tiffany.

Looking at fun-filled photos of day trips and family vacations, it’s hard to believe this family wasn’t always a family.

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“It’s been just over two years, but it feels like they’ve been with us forever, it really has,” Mike said.

Mike and Kania welcomed sisters Amber and Tiffany into their home, after their two biological children were in their teens.

“We could have been empty nesters, and we had older kids and we decided we wanted more kids,” Mike continued. “We had more love to give and so we decided we’d adopt and San Diego County was great.”

“We had kind of fostered a couple kids outside adoption then decided our house was getting too empty,” Kania added.

And though the transition was understandably difficult at first, Amber and Tiffany are now soaking up all of the love, attention and stability they so deserve.

“At first they were very unsure and upset and now, they’ve just grown and just relaxed, and they know they’re not going to be moved,” Mike said. “They know they’ve got a mom and dad. They’re not going anywhere and they just fit right in. This is their home.”

It’s a far cry from the days when these sisters could only pretend to have a home, sometimes playing house at the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center.

We first profiled Amber and Tiffany on Adopt 8 two and a half years ago, along with their sister, who was matched with another forever family.

“We’ve kept in touch with them and we see them often. They’re an extension of our family,” Kania said.

Mike and Kania say their daughters actually have a total of five other biological siblings.

“We found one brother they didn’t know they had that was adopted many years ago, and we’ve gotten in contact with them,” Kania continued. “We get to visit with them, and he wanted sisters and now he’s got them”

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