Surrogacy is equal parts challenging and rewarding. Women pondering surrogate motherhood should be prepared for an emotional roller coaster ride, but one that more often than not ends up bringing positive results to all the families involved. Surrogate mothers provide the answer to the prayers of parents unable to naturally conceive and for the child; surrogacy is a doubly bountiful gift. A child of surrogacy can often have access to opportunities that would never have been available through the birth mother. Plus, he or she can establish an enduring relationship with adoptive parents that welcome the tiny new addition to their family with open arms.

Surrogate motherhood is not something for every woman. Both surrogate mothers and the moms-to-be who are expecting to take home a bundle of joy after delivery need to be prepared for the emotional impact of child surrogacy. Many issues may arise, including legal ones of parental rights and guardianship, which should always be discussed, agreed upon, and witnessed in legally binding documents before entering into any written agreement of surrogacy. It is important to take into account that often, surrogate mothers give birth and then regret their decision to give up their babies, causing years of bitter legal battles that can have a psychological impact on the infant.

If you are considering surrogate motherhood or want to adopt a child of surrogacy, we welcome your questions and concerns and want to share your journey with you.

Share your story with other surrogate mothers, some of whom were children of surrogacy themselves, and let us accompany you on your journey toward surrogate motherhood.


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