Unlike other assisted reproduction techniques, surrogacy can be a very intimate procedure. It is likely to stir many emotions as it involves getting various people together to bring a child into the world. In the traditional format of one man and one woman, pregnancy can be a reason for immense joy. It can be quite stressful too. Now change the dynamics – add additional players in the equation and the situation becomes all the more complicated.

Surrogate Mother
It is important that all the parties involved in surrogacy move in tandem, towards the same goal, and be supportive of one another before, during, and after the pregnancy. The doctor, the couple or the individual wanting a child, and the surrogate mother should be able to work well together in order to make the experience as smooth and as joyful as possible. Remember – with preparation, the entire process can take well over a year.

As a surrogate, you will have the opportunity to help someone fulfill his/her deepest desire of bringing a child into this world. This can be a fulfilling experience as well as an emotional journey. Here is a quick rundown of some of the things you should consider when you decide whether or not to be a surrogate:


– Every religion has a different viewpoint on the morality of surrogacy. Surrogacy and Islam and surrogacy and Christianity may not be viewed the same way. The same holds true for Judaism or for that matter any other religion. Some religions embrace the modern technology of science and see it as utilizing the gift of the intellect which God gave us in order to conceive. If you are concerned with what your religious community thinks about surrogacy, then you might want to talk with your religious leaders.

Criticism from Society

– It’s not only religious communities which may not agree with your decision to become a surrogate. Others may have hesitations or outright objections too. While the opinions of those close to you are important, ultimately, it is your decision whether or not to become a surrogate. If you are looking to be a surrogate, then you have to ask yourself one question – do you want to bring a child into the world for the couple or individual seeking one? Examine your own beliefs without being pressurized either way by the society. Think about what is right for you.


– Why do you want to become a surrogate? While most motives are rooted in financial gains, for some the decision to become a surrogate mother might also stem from a keen desire to help others further their family. Before you decide to become a surrogate, you should know that the potential womb carriers with ambivalent motives often do not get selected.

Relationship with the commissioning parent(s)

– It is of utmost importance that you have a good relationship with the people who are ultimately going to be the parents of the child which you will carry for nine months. If you have decided to be a surrogate before finding a couple, then you might want to search for one that suits you by getting in touch with a surrogacy agency. Surrogacy agencies in India, Armenia, Georgia, Ukraine and other countries act as a meeting ground between surrogates and suitable intended parents. If you have already found a couple, then it is important to build a relationship before you finalize your decision to carry their child.

Being a surrogate mother is a journey of a lifetime. Regardless of whether you are financially compensated for your act or not, you are giving the greatest gift of all. Surrogacy is one of the most selfless acts that one can do, as it requires completely modifying one’s life for the better part of a year. Yet, no matter how hard the journey can be at times, the reward and the feeling in the end will prove worth it.

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