Questions You Should Ask a Surrogate

Choosing a surrogate mother may be one of the hardest decisions you’ll ever have to make. Not only is it a huge emotional investment to choose the woman who is going to carry your child to term, but it is also a massive financial investment.

There are many ways to find a surrogate.  You can either post an advertisement or ask your doctor if he/she offers surrogate matching services.  Alternatively, you can also use a surrogacy matching agency.  Depending on where you are from, the laws and regulations may vary.  For example, surrogacy for UK couples could be intricate as the country prohibits taking out an advertisement to find a surrogate.  Surrogacy for Australian couples can again be complex, as the rules are not uniform through the country.

The complexity of the procedure causes many couples to look for options outside their country, and find surrogates in India, Thailand, Ukraine, Armenia, etc.

Regardless of how you decide to find a surrogate, it is imperative that you and the surrogate have a good relationship.  After all, at a minimum, you will be spending 10 months creating and nurturing a life together! You and your surrogate should be on the same page and work together easily.

When you do decide to go through with surrogacy, you may want to ask your surrogate a few questions to decide whether she’s a good fit for you.  After you get a good idea about her overall health and lifestyle, you may ask the following questions to a potential surrogate:


·         How old are you?

·         Are you married/single/divorced/widowed?

·         Do you have any children?

·         Where are you from?

·         Where do you currently live?

·         Are you currently employed?

·         What is the highest level of education you have received? If you have obtained any degrees, what was the subject?

·         Are you sexually active?


·         Have you ever been pregnant before? If yes, how many times?

·         Have you ever miscarried? If yes, how many times & at what stage during the pregnancy?

·         Have you ever been a surrogate before? If yes, how many times? Were there any complications?

·         What form of birth control do you use, if any?


·         Are you currently taking any medication? If yes, what?

·         Have you taken any medication regularly at any point in the last two years? If yes, what?

·         Do you have any history of addiction? If yes, please elaborate.

·         How much do you smoke? (never/ socially/ occasionally/ daily)

·         How much do you drink? (never/socially/occasionally/daily)

·         Do you have any illicit drugs?

·         Do you suffer from any health problems? If yes, please elaborate.

·         Does anyone in your family suffer from major health problems? If yes, please elaborate.

Life & Diet

·         How often do you exercise and what kind of exercise do you engage in?

·         Do you regularly engage in any physical labor? If yes, please elaborate.

·         What is your height, weight, BMI, pulse rate?

·         Do you take alcohol? If yes, how often?

·         Are you a vegetarian?

·         Are you willing to change your diet during the time of pregnancy?

Mental & Emotional

·         Why did you decide to be a surrogate?

·         Do you have the support of your family and those around you to be a surrogate

·         Are you short tempered?

·         Can you describe your current state of mind?

·         What was the most stressful time in your life?

·         Have you ever been diagnosed with depression, bipolarity, or any other mental or emotional disorder? If yes, which one & when were you diagnosed?

In addition, there may be some additional questions you may want to ask the surrogate. Do not hesitate in asking all you want to know from the lady who is going to carry your little one in her womb.

Deepika Garg is an internet enthusiast and blogger, who has been involved with creative web content creation and management for over 5 years. She is also the Chief Editor at Surrogacy Clinics, which helps people experience the joys of parenthood via surrogacy


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