These days certain medical conditions that prohibit you from carrying a child do not equate to never having a biological offspring – not when you can seek surrogacy in which another woman carries your child for you. As ideal as it is for those who can’t bear children, not everyone can afford the process in the United States and other developed nations. And for someone who has always wanted a child but can’t have it, the exceedingly high financial requirement is like getting kicked when they are already down. Thankfully, gestational surrogacy in India and other developing countries can actually be affordable.

Surrogacy Abroad

Why India for Surrogacy?

Surrogacy costs in India are affordable due to the low cost of living in the country. And with many people having the ability to speak English, you can communicate directly with the people making your surrogacy arrangements. Surrogacy is a big industry in the country and surrogate mothers undergo rigid screening. They also receive the care they need throughout their pregnancies.

If you know where to go, you can work with some of the world’s renowned surrogacy experts. But if you have no idea, you can seek help of surrogacy agencies in India so you don’t proceed with the process blindly. India isn’t the only country that offers affordable surrogacy option, though. Eastern European countries such as Georgia, Armenia, and Ukraine also have surrogacy industries that you may want to consider for getting your baby, without having to worry about the cost too much.

Legal Complexities Involved in Surrogacy in the US

According to Stanford University’s report Surrogate Motherhood in India: Understanding and Evaluating the Effects of Gestational Surrogacy on Women’s Health and Rights, another reason why Americans seek surrogacy abroad is because it’s not legal in the whole country. Surrogacy is legal in some states such as California and illegal in others. Nonetheless, there are uniform, unambiguous surrogacy laws in India and Armenia. Intended parents who want to avoid getting entangled in legal hassles often head these countries to have their surrogacy plans rolling.

Things to Know Before Opting for Surrogacy Abroad

Surrogacy could be a life changing procedure, and some apprehensions are bound to be bundled with it. However, for Americans seeking surrogacy abroad, the bundle of apprehensions could be heavier as traveling overseas for the procedure and returning home with a new addition to their could raise many questions in the minds of prospective parents.

One should thoroughly research about the requirements for bringing a surrogacy-born baby home. There are some important things you’d need to know when it’s time to bring your child back home. Will you be able to get your child into your state? Can your child be listed as an American citizen? It is advisable for U.S. citizens to check with the U.S. Department of State and collect all important information regarding the use of assisted reproductive technology abroad.

With top-notch services being offered at a fraction of the cost, no wonder Americans seek surrogacy abroad. You may be far from the woman carrying your child but as long as you choose the right surrogacy agency in the right country, your parenthood dreams are not far from metamorphosing into reality.


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