Real Happy Endings – Adoption Myths and Media Distortions

Real Happy Endings Adoption Story

Whether exploring the decision to adopt a child as an infant through domestic or international adoption it is understandable prospective adoptive singles and couples would wonder about the possible outcomes of the effects of adoption on children.

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The Biggest Myths About Adoption

Nicole-Witt Adoption Blogger

Most of what we know of adoption we get from the media or from our past. We see Angelina Jolie and Madonna adopting kids from around the globe. We remember adopted kids from our childhood neighborhood. But neither is a true picture of adoption today

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Helping Children Through Foster Care

Anna Woodward Foster Adoption Blog

Once your children are grown and out of your home, you might be going through an empty nest time when you feel like you need to hear children in your home once again. A good way to be able to experience this is by getting into foster care.

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Adopting Domestically – Myths and Tips

Newborn Domestic Adoption

For many couples the ultimate joy is creating a full family, which includes the pitter-patter of little feet. Unfortunately, for some, this is not always possible via natural means. At this point, there are only a few viable options including fertilization treatments, surrogacy or adoption.

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