Adoption – Hope For All

children of adoption

A mummy! A daddy! The belief that all children are entitled to a family! The belief that all who want to be parents will excel at the life-long process involved! These beliefs, cherished by all cultures, are the foundation for adoption.

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The Growing Online Marketplace of Adoption

The growing online marketplace of adoption

Of course any parents would expect as much if they want to qualify for adoption, but a recent article from The Wall Street Journal details just to what extremes people must go to if they want to attract attention.

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Adoption – Is Your Child Waiting for You?

international and domestic adoption

Is your heart open wide to let a child into your family; to love him and be loved by him? If so, then you may be interested in adoption. There are hundreds of thousands of children waiting for their forever families, both here in the U.S. and abroad

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An Overview Of Open And Closed Domestic Adoption

Adopted in the USA

Although international adoption has received a great deal of attention lately, largely due to the prevalence of celebrities taking in children from foreign countries, many children each year are taken into new homes on the domestic front and remains a great way to build a family.

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Leading Adoption Agency Opens Office in New York City

Mom at Last

The nation’s leading open adoption agency, Independent Adoption Center, recently opened a new office in New York City to extend its counseling, support and trusted adoption services to birthparents and adoptive parents living there

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