Baby born after ‘unique’ IVF treatment

IVF Treatment

This is baby Vivienne who was conceived by sperm that had been frozen for a generation – the oldest ever to successfully create a child in Britain. Fertility doctors used sperm that had been frozen in 1987 – when Margaret … Continue reading →

IVF study gives fresh hope to older women

For women over 40, the chances of a successful birth could be boosted by transferring two embryos Two embryos are better than one for maximising the chances of an IVF baby, according to one of the largest studies of success … Continue reading →

A Girl Like Me

A Girl Like Me

A Girl Like Me: Books for Moms Niki Wetherall,  "A Girl Like Me" is a memoir  I have penned over a two year period. During times of great distress, I have found solace in the written word. This memoir depicts two … Continue reading →

IUI is Another Road to Parenthood

IUI – just another road to parenthood Tania writes…Hardly anybody starts their journey of trying to conceive a baby thinking they will end up in a doctor’s office, trying to get pregnant with the help of a reproductive endocrinologist. Conceiving … Continue reading →