Fertility and Pregnancy After 40

Fertility and Pregnancy over Forty Years Old

Fertility in women over the age of 40 is one of the most challenging areas in the field of fertility. The reason for this is the natural decline in fertility as women age.

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Building the Foundation for Surrogacy Brick by Brick

surrogates brick by brick

With so many moving parts to surrogacy it is no wonder the process can be overwhelming. Learning to be your own best advocate, effectively planning financially, physically and financially help you maximize your chances of success and minimize your financial expenditure

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Conceivable Option – When The Pathway to Parenthood is Not Linear

infertility blog

The pathway to parenthood is not always linear. But understanding the treatment options available will help you to determine your emotional tolerances and physical endurance for exploring treatment and reaching the American dream of becoming a mom and dad.

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Don’t Give Up Hope Just Yet – IVF and IVM

IVF treatments

While it may seem hopeless if you are not able to conceive naturally after months or even years of trying, the reality is that modern medicine has provided many different options for people that make solving infertility problems easier than ever before.

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