Immigrant Children Face Uncertain Futures, Foster Care

Foster Care

WASHINGTON — More than 5,000 children of immigrants are languishing in state foster care nationwide because their parents were living in the United States illegally and were detained or deported by federal immigration authorities. … Continue reading →

Challenges of Foster Parenting

Mom at Last

By: Mona Elizalde Montevirgen of Philippine Daily Inquirer No, no, no… he’s not my adopted child,” highly driven businesswoman Marilyn “Mallie” del Bianco was quick to say to correct her socialite friends who were obviously intrigued by the new 7-year-old olive-skinned boy with … Continue reading →

Foster Care and Love

This is a great story I read about foster care… Amy Karwacki, a 33 year old kindergarten teacher and foster mom was supposed to be a mom for a night to a 6 month baby boy. But the one night turned … Continue reading →