IVF & Older Women – How Successful is IVF After 40?

Trying to conceive over 40

Forty may be the new thirty and fifty may be the new forty but nobody told our reproductive systems. And never has society provided more assistance in convincing us of our new younger status, via the mega industries of cosmetic enhancement and reproductive assistance.

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Is In Vitro Viable in Older Women?

IVF in Vitro Fertilisation

With the increase of women using assisted pregnancy methods the practice of in vitro fertilization (IVF) is quickly becoming a household name. With this emerging popularity it can be easy to lend it a little more success than what it can actually provide.

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Don’t Give Up Hope Just Yet – IVF and IVM

IVF treatments

While it may seem hopeless if you are not able to conceive naturally after months or even years of trying, the reality is that modern medicine has provided many different options for people that make solving infertility problems easier than ever before.

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Overcoming the Odds | IVF Success Stories


Seeing someone else get pregnant when you’re trying to overcome the worst infertility odds can be tough, but sometimes knowing that other people have succeeded at what you’re trying to do in spite of very difficult odds can be encouraging and inspiring

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