In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) IVF offers hope when other infertility treatments are unsuccessful. It eliminates any barriers between egg and sperm by combining them in a lab. The growing embryos are then placed inside the uterus. Undergoing IVF can be … Continue reading →

IVF with Blastocyst Transfer

IVF with Blastocyst Transfer A recent breakthrough in IVF technology is known as blastocyst transfer. In standard IVF, embryos are transferred to the womb when they reach the two- to eight-cell stage. In the newer procedure, the embryos are allowed … Continue reading →

IVF with Donor Eggs

IVF With Donor Eggs Women who are over 40, have poor egg quality, or have not had success with previous IVF cycles may consider IVF with donor eggs. This involves combining the husband's sperm with another woman's eggs. If the … Continue reading →

IVF Success Twins for a wonderful Family

The Wanners, of Australia, count their blessings every day.  Australia has a IVF program which helps with most of the costs. I sure wish there was a program available for myself and the many other women here in the US.  When I … Continue reading →

Twins Aborted by IVF Couple because they were boys

This story breaks my heart. Like so many of us I personally struggled to be a Mom and appreciate everyday the gift I have been given. I appreciate my two sons everyday. It is heartbreaking that a couple who conceived twin baby boys … Continue reading →

IVF Pregnancy

IVF Pregnancy

Years before IVF, my grandmother had a friend who could not conceive a child. Conversations about Gina always began with, ”Poor Gina, how hard she tried to become pregnant.” She would never know the joy of giving birth – and back in … Continue reading →