Infertile Woman Gives Birth 5 Hours After She’s Declared Pregnant

pregnancy after infertility

Amanda Prentice prayed for years that she and her husband would become pregnant, but she never got to enjoy that excitement of seeing two lines appear on a pregnancy test or seeing her growing baby on an ultrasound.

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Endometriosis: Often Undetected Cause of Infertility

Infertility Cause

March is National Endometriosis Month By Treacy Colbert Women frequently learn that they have endometriosis only after seeking help for infertility. Two women who are having trouble getting pregnant may both have the condition, but it can manifest itself very … Continue reading →

Infertile Couples can have Babies without Treatment

Infertile Couples

About half of women who have failed to become pregnant after a year may become mothers without getting treatment during the second year, findings suggest. A long-term study of 1,400 Australian women between the ages of 28 and 36 revealed … Continue reading →

Sunny break may be alternative to IVF | Infertility

sunny fertility

How the sunshine vitamin can help boost fertility Couples trying for a baby should take a sunshine holiday – and not just because it may put them in a more romantic mood. Sunlight boosts fertility in both men and women … Continue reading →

Tragedy Strikes

The journey that Sharon Simons, the founder of Mom at Last,  went through is heartbreaking yet hopeful. Sharon never gave up her dream to be a Mom, At Last! … Continue reading →

…about Infertility

Ask Mom at Last Your Questions about Infertility   Many men, women and couples go through life struggling to become pregnant just to find out that they are infertile. There is still hope! Sharon, the founder of Mom at Last, … Continue reading →

Advanced Maternal Age Outdated as Old Maid

"Advanced Maternal Age" Outdated as "Old Maid or Spinster"   This morning it occurred to me that the term “advanced maternal age” is as outdated as the term “old maid or spinster.” In the medical community, if a woman gives … Continue reading →