Our Truth About Adoption


Our youngest daughter Grace we brought home from China just over a year ago. As quickly as one forgets the woes of giving birth, the trials and tribulations of adopting are also forgotten, but as we prepare for our next and final adoption, I’m reminded of the struggles adoptive parents face.

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International Adoption – Five Surprises You May Not Know

Sue Merriem International Adoption

Is international adoption something you’ve thought about, but were hesitant to pursue because of the perceived negatives attached? There are far more positives to adopting from overseas than you might be aware of

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Emma’s American Chinese New Year

Emmas American Chinese New Year

Veteran writer Amy Meadows has released Emma’s American Chinese New Year (Outskirts Press), a children’s picture book that assists American families with adopted children from China as they merge two unique cultures into their homes and observe a significant Chinese holiday.

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The Bliss Of International Adoption

international adoption couple adopting

Adopting a child especially through international adoption process is not an easy decision to take. Both the needy parents and the adoption agency have to look after various factors before finalizing it.

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