Cut IVF multiple births to 10 percent, says HFEA

Bio News on IVF

13 February 2012 By Nishat Hyder Appeared in BioNews 644 The rate of multiple births resulting from IVF treatment is to be no more than ten percent, announced the Human Fertility and Embryology Authority (HFEA), in the final stage of … Continue reading →

Path to Baby Joy Costs Dearly | IVF

IVF Babies

The cases of Irish couples caught up in a Mexican adoption scam and children born abroad to surrogates being left in passport limbo trained a spotlight on how daunting some routes to parenthood can be. Any couple struggling to have … Continue reading →

IVF ‘Twins’ Born Five Years Apart

January 9th, 2012 By Louisa Petchey Appeared in BioNews 639 Five-year-old Reuben Blake has already started school, but his ‘twin’ sister Floren, conceived during the same IVF treatment cycle, has only just been born. Jody and Simon Blake sought fertility … Continue reading →

Family Thais: Couple finally Conceives after Exotic Trip

Couple Twins Trip Thailand

When Alix Raven-Sarai and her husband Saran had been trying for a baby for 14 years without success they were at their wits end. They had already had several unsuccessful attempts at IVF, had tried fertility drugs and had even … Continue reading →

New IVF Fits the Bill


By Letitia Rowlands From: The Daily Telegraph December 01, 2011 5:49AM AFTER Tracy Britton experienced the heartache of miscarriage for the fifth time, she began to doubt she would ever become a mother.   "It's very hard physically as well as emotionally to want … Continue reading →

…about Infertility

Ask Mom at Last Your Questions about Infertility   Many men, women and couples go through life struggling to become pregnant just to find out that they are infertile. There is still hope! Sharon, the founder of Mom at Last, … Continue reading →

When I Grow Up | An Infertility Story

My name is Helena Ray and I am a 30 year old Chef that has been married for 2 years. My husband and have been trying to conceive for over a year and were obviously unsuccessful. This was my worst fear. We moved … Continue reading →

Healthy Approach to IVF Treatment

A More Healthy & Cost Effective Approach to IVF Treatment As recent fertility care news is littered with stories of high risk multiple births, doctors losing licenses, and a push in the fertility treatment field for more customized care, experts … Continue reading →