Having Kids as an Older Mom

later in life motherhood over 35 years old

My second child was born when I was thirty-five and I did not really think much about it at that age either until it was time to deliver. Here is what its like to Having Kids as an Older Mom

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Telling Family and Friends About Your Over 40 Pregnancy

mommies over 40

Congratulations you’re expecting a baby! You’ve waited, prayed and are excited about your first baby. Whether you decide to tell the world or just secretly bask for a while in the wonder of future motherhood, here are a few pointers to prepare you in telling your big news.

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Becoming a Mom Over 40

Mom at Last

Either they wait until after they graduate from college or decide college and career can wait until their children are older. However, older women have children too. Having children at an older age has pros and cons

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The Benefits of Midlife Parenting

benefits of moms over 40

As an older mum myself, I can only perceive the benefits, but it is important to mention that age alone doesn’t predetermine your ability to be a good parent. You can be a great parent at 23 and a great parent at 63

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